Professional attitude that stands out from the rest in every development

With exceptional attention to detail and quality, BOK develops projects with good ROI and positive impact to local communities

People behind the construction process

Obtaining immaculate results involves professionals, dedication, quality work process and high service standards. BOK Development’s high success stories display a true commitment to immaculate construction.

Quality guarantee

Every project is carefully reviewed, two times, in order to make sure that everything respects high quality standards. Our approach, accompanied by a keen eye on details and timings, ensures a solid quality guarantee..

Immaculate developments with good return of investment

BOK Developments is a professional development company in London, with a portfolio of properties acquired and redeveloped, which have yielded a good return of investment. Due to the decade of experience in the construction industry, BOK managed to design and build immaculately crafted homes, apartments and hotels with potential. Investors will find in our portfolio projects of luxury apartments, boutique hotels, retail units and more that can deliver excellent return of investment. Our projects are set in good locations in London and surrounding areas, which increases the chances of enjoying profits after investments or purchase.

We provide immaculate developments, through constant effort and professional construction services. Our specialists use the latest building technologies to complete projects ahead of time, without compromising in any way quality.

BOK Developments dedication to develop quality properties has already attraction the attention of investors. We have a dedicated development team that carefully assess the potential of a property. Their analysis start from the initial contact with the property continues with additional studies on the implementation of designs, capable of yielding good return of investment.


Urban regeneration and new development plans with BOK Developments

Due to the flexibility of the construction industry and new desires expressed by clients, BOK Developments tries and in most cases succeeds in keeping up with the latest construction trends. Today’s interest for urban regeneration is respected in our development plans. Our experts take into consideration sustainable development, with clear respect to environmental issues. As a developer, we take care of every step of the process, from the site acquisition to the actual planning, design, engineering, construction delivery and also handover. After starting a project, we make sure that it is completed correctly, without compromising in any way on quality. We have a clear immaculate construction standard, which is always respected.

Our approach in the development segment is clear: identify and develop properties with potential. We manage the whole development process so that investors have a clear and detailed look of each project present in our portfolio. Starting with the first feasibility stage and ending with actual completion and handover, BOK Developments workers perform their tasks with attention and professionalism.


Investors in London and not only can go through our portfolio with confidence. It is quite easy to discover our luxury apartments, boutique hotels, cafes, retail units and other investment opportunities. Our projects are designed with attention to render good ROI and keep a happy clientele.

BOK Developments offers investors the chance to discover good investment opportunities. All projects available for investments are present in the Under Construction page. BOK specialists can also be contacted in order to offer more information about the projects that caught your attention. Investors can contact us without problems whenever they need additional info.

We have dedicated representatives that will be more than useful in your attempt to discover useful things about a particular project. Our primary goal is to provide a useful platform for any interested investors. Once they visit our website they can find very useful information on all the projects ready for investment. On our completed developments descriptions, investors will also discover how specialists in the field saw our work. Some of them named our projects "the developments in the area"!

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BOK Developments history and new development plans

2007 - The First Steps

The BOK Company started to offer its services in 2007, under the guidance of its founder Constantin Boca. Our goal, from the very beginning, was to offer high quality services to different sectors of the UK construction industry. The first steps were done as a family, offering professional painting and decorating services in retail and office sectors. We grew since then…

2012 - Our commitment to Quality

Our founder’s commitment to offer premium workmanship, securely meeting deadlines and cultivating talent brought a steady growth in the construction business. In addition, the company expanded its list of services provided in different sectors. As a result, clients were able to access professional services like dry lining, partitioning and proper installation of suspended ceilings. We maintained a strict immaculate construction standard throughout our working process.

2016 - Full construction packages

Growing as a business implies a diversification of services. BOK has added in its list of services carpentry and joinery, plastering and screeding, brick and block work, floor and wall tiling and small/special works. It was important to keep the quality of each construction project high, while helping clients obtain the results they want. Our path towards excellence in construction continues to impress investors and partner contractors alike, paving a way for fruitful collaborations.

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