20 Beresford Avenue

"BOK Developments transformed a 2 bedroom bungalow into a 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms home."
- BOK Developments, 20 Beresford Avenue, London
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20 Beresford Avenue, London project details:

Every development project comes with particularities that need our attention and care. BOK specialists want to deliver immaculate results, irrespective of the project’s complexity levels. Our dedication for quality workmanship can be seen in all our projects. To this particular end, we invite you to discover an interesting development: Beresford Avenue. The project was a test of our endurance and passion for immaculate developments.

BOK Developments decided to acquire in London, 20 Beresford Avenue N20 0AD a 2 bedroom in the winter of 2015. The property was known to us and we decided to fully enhance its potential. Our plans included: demolishing of the whole house with a new design, more urban friendly and welcoming.

As a result, we managed to build a beautiful home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The home was built under the highest quality standards, impressing visitors with its appearance from the first showings. We must also mention that this home was sold in the Autumn of 2016. The client was happy with its purchase.

BOK Developments understands the importance of creating prestigious developments, with positive impact in local communities. This is why our specialists work with attention to every single detail of the project. As a result, clients and investors get to enjoy immaculate developments.

Development of new home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, at high quality standards!

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Beresford Avenue
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