Caledonian Road

"Added value: 4 bedroom house and 1 retail unit transformed into a loft with 2 luxury apartments and one commercial unit."
- BOK Developments,
Caledonian Road, N1 1DY
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Caledonian Road project details:

Caledonian Road is a development set in the luxury residential sector which completely reflects our passion for quality construction and elegance. Located in Islington, London this project included a wide diversity of actions in order to reach this beautiful state. The works included superior interior design (planning and execution), basement reconditioning and refurbishment, brickwork and blockwork, installation of mechanical and electrical systems for additional safety and security.

BOK Developments acquired a 4 bedroom house and one retail unit in the winter of 2015. After attentive planning and going through the process of obtaining permission to make upgrades, the work started. We added value through the attentive design and build of a new and modern basement and one loft. The newly developed loft incorporated 2 luxury apartments and also one retail unit.

Due to our expertise and careful work, the apartment was let out while the commercial unit was later on sold, more precisely in September 2017. This project attracted the attention of the local community and was also featured in the Sunday Times. In addition, it was also named “the best development in the area”, reflecting our dedication to high quality construction.

Featured in "The Sunday Times", the project was named by Knight Frank the "the best development" in the area!

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Caledonian Road
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