Discover why you should work for BOK

Professionalism is important in any industry. At BOK, we have a particular interest in creating teams of individuals with one trait in common: love for what they do. In addition, they should also care about offering assistance and a determination to grow their skills set and knowledge base.

We have a permanent staff in all trade divisions and display a desire to communicate with others who share our working values. BOK personal is keen on receiving enquiries from project or site managers, workers, contract administrators, architects or other specialists within the construction industry.

Our recruitment motto is clear “We hire attitude and train skills”, which shows from the very beginning the value that we place on the “can do” approach. We also have a commitment to develop professionally individuals through access to dedicated training programmes.

Because we want to keep in our company the skills we train, we do our best to create opportunities, in appropriate conditions, for career evolution. Still, as the company becomes bigger, we are constantly looking to bring in new talent in our team.

If you are currently interested in working for BOK, please send an email with your updated CV, while also mentioning why you think you would be a solid pick for our team.

“We hire attitude and train skills.”

Constantin Boca, Managing Director, BOK

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